The five “G’s” to succeed

This post is directed to the millennials fresh out of school or already working and at the same time trying to get their feet.

Most young people such as myself, aim at making it big. I mean who doesn’t. Our sole focus is what’s the pay? What will it take to multiply it in our favor? And how fast can we do that. Nothing is said about growing ones self while they are at it.

Am I right? (Yes or No) >> leave your comments below.

Alright, let’s jump right into it starting with

Get It

This is been strategic, understanding your role, what is around you and what is expected of you. In your work place and even before you were employed, you were asked certain questions and vice versa. This was done to ensure both parties are aware of their roles. Now an employer expects his employees to be diligent in their jobs, think outside the box, research and become problem solvers. This doesn’t just build your knowledge and skill but also singles you out silently as a performer.

Get It Done

In life there is no reward for activities. You have to be result oriented, plan and act. You must develop the drive to always finish and finish well, do whatever it takes to get the job done (In line with the rules of course).

Get It Right

In accordance with the above, the next step you take is constant follow up. You must consistently track/ follow through on the hard work you have invested and built. Never leave it to the laws of procrastination. Which is the termite of progress, the more we feed it the faster and deeper it spreads. Don’t be a victim.

Get It Across

Here, you communicate, ask questions where you’re unsure and to also shine clarity on what you’re trying to achieve. By doing this you can get help, negotiate on a much better approach to your idea that works for both ends (groups). Adopting this approach, improves your influencing skills as well as educating you (education works both ways).

Get Along

This is the last “G” here at this stage team work is required of you. It is either you are sharing and helping or vice versa. We are all aware that no work can be done during a conflict, also no man is an island. We share,we learn and we grow that’s how we move forward.

Take each point one at a time,baby steps and watch yourself grow immensely. As simple as it is, it can also be hard to achieve especially in places where everyone is fighting for the “iron throne” in order to outshine and oppress those under them.


Good/impeccable work never goes unnoticed no matter how hard it’s being suppressed.