Does Sexuality Depends On Our Culture

Does our culture plays a part when it comes to what sexual preference we end up with?

I was wondering, when it comes to USA and Europe there are lot of people who are transgender, homosexuals, bisexuals and lot of people who supports LGBT and it’s growing.

And when it comes to places like Sri Lanka where I live in, it is very hard to find homosexuals that are living in the society, and very few transgender people.

So I was wondering whether culture that people grow up has something to do with their preferred sexuality.

As an Asian country sex in Sri Lanka is a taboo topic. As children they are not supposed to talk or ask about sexuality in public, the lectures in sexuality is skipped at schools.

Children learn about them mostly when they are young and females learn about sexuality even late more close to when they are closer to getting married.

As a medical student I have come across medical students who believed that an erotic touch by their partners will lose their virginty. Yes, believe me this came from one of my fellow female medical student.

So for many children in the society sex is a magical thig to them, and being homosexual is something that is unreal to them let alone most people only knows the word homosexuity and not the meaning behind it.

That does not mean there are zero homosexuals and zero transgender people in Sri Lanka, they are few and increasing in number (cultural shift?) But definitely not as high as other western countries.

But the open culture in the western world sex is an open topic. Children learn about sexuality at a young age, their culture is now open about being transgender and being homosexual. So does this western culture shifts people to try out these sexual differences and be something that is different?

Or does our sexuality and sexual preferences lies hidden somewhere in our genome and that being sexually different is some mutation hidden in the genes.

I believe that it’s the culture that plays a big part in out sexual preferences and with a small part given by our genome.

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