Don’t take sweets from strangers, but sesame snaps are okay right?

We’ve all had the ‘don’t talk to strangers’ mantra drummed into our heads since we were kids but I vaguely remember there being another that instructed us not to take sweets from strangers? That one obviously wasn’t drummed in as effectively. In fact, I’ve found that as I’ve entered adulthood, leaving childhood behind (but not too far behind), I have started to ignore these rules entirely. I am pretty happy to strike up a conversation with anyone about anything and genuinely love talking to strangers. Just as well really, as recently I have been working on KISS Radio’s street team which is pretty much non stop talking to people you don’t know.

I was in Brixton the other day working such a shift. Whilst on the street corner that I had decided was my territory for the day I briefly spoke to a man who was sat on the bench behind me enjoying the sun. He was sat there for a good while while I talked to all the people passing by and whenever there was a lull in people walking by, my friend Nick and I would chat to him. I must’ve been raving on about how hungry I was as it was 2pm and we hadn’t had lunch yet because this total stranger produced some Sesame Snaps from his pocket and gave them to me. I was so touched by this small act of kindness and shared the three ‘snaps’ with Nick immediately as we genuinely were quite hungry.

So big ups to the Sesame Snap man of Brixton for donating part of his packed lunch to me.