I Have Road Rage Issue While Walking

I have serious road rage issue and no I don’t own any vehicle yet. I walk, and I walk for various reasons. To maintain good health, to reach my destination sooner by avoiding traffic, to reach places that are not accessing by vehicle, to fight anxiety, to procrastinate or sometimes just to break my own record on the fitness band I walk. In short, I am a serial walker and totally enjoy it any day.

But, not everything that I love comes for free or easy or without any additional burdens. So, with my love for walking comes my issue of road rage because of the idiots who do not have any etiquette. I don’t know what science says or law dictates but I prefer walking on the right side of the road so that I can see the cars that are approaching me. But, the problem is not the cars and bikes but the people walking on all sides, left, right, front, back and every imaginable side. And, nobody is willing to maintain their own pace, side, or are always ready to cause inconvenience to other pedestrians.

People walking alone without staring at their phones or talking on their phones are still civil but when a great Indian family walks on the road, they walk by creating a human wall moving at the pace of a snail. The problem with this great wall is that it is not the faster one of the family but it is the slowest one who decides the pace. So, a 20 something one walks at the pace of a 2-year-old or someone with a knee problem. This is still acceptable for someone like me, however, what makes me mad is when this wall decides to stop abruptly without leaving any space to walk pass them. With utter irritation and weird uncomfortable stares, I am forced to cut through this great family union right at the middle of the road.

Second, comes the couples or to-be-couples who wants to make the most while walking on the road. They don’t hold hands but one can easily see that they are almost dying to hold hands. The society dictates them to keep a safe (??) distance but the in love or almost in love couple wants to break free that is evident from their awkward walk. They are looking for privacy, trying to talk, wanting to have physical closeness and wanting to reassure each other of their feelings while walking on the road. All this dynamics creates difficulty for the others walking on the road. I personally feel guilty to make these couples feel all the more awkward. Cutting through such couple feels like being a temporary villainous act to me. So, this also makes me angry.

Then the other problem that makes me angry is that in my city the ones with the vehicles have no regards for the ones who walk. Cars are parked randomly on the sides of the road, bikers try to bypass the traffic by driving on the sidewalks, and then there are banners of the shops put on the roads and sidewalk making my daily walk difficult.

Actually, it is not just the road and its issues but in general I hate people and their mannerism. We are inconsiderate idiots who believe that we have made a favour on humanity and mother earth by being born on this planet, our fellow humans are inferior to us, and our worth comes from which vehicle we own.

It is sad that I can not kick people while walking or curse them out aloud. There are days when I want to scream my lungs out and sometimes I don’t step outside simply by thinking about the people I might have to deal with. I used to think that something is terribly wrong with me for thinking and feeling so, but now I know it is not me but humans in general and their behaviour to be specific which is simply atrocious.

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