The Lord has shown His Glory today!

We heard the testimonies of two of our Masai graduates today. They both spoke about the impact DPTC has made in their lives and how DPTC continues to breathe revival of faith in their tribe. Masai is a male dominated society where God called Katherine to be his witness to become one of the first female pastors by planting a church under a tree in the middle of no where to proclaim His name and preach salvation. Like John the Baptist, people came from afar to hear her. Her husband is a strong witness to promote his wife in this calling, especially in a tribe where men have been the leaders for centuries. Together they have planted four churches, including the church under the tree. They are a testimony of why we do what we do. Training pastors to change their communities.

We continue to be in awe and give God the glory for our team here… “The Dream Team” as one member puts it. Not only did God place Robert Saunders of Living Water in our path, but He built a team of people from RUMC, Powder Springs FUMC, North Point Oasis members, 2 men’s Bible study members and 2 leaders in youth and young adult ministry in the United Methodist Church to come to Kenya. Together we brought in thirty suitcases carrying a disassembled water purification system for His purpose of making clean water in a place called Chemi Chemi-which means Living Water in Swahili. His hand is all over us and this work! People are united to reveal His desire!

You, too, are part of this team! He called and you said “Yes” in making an impossible project a reality through your financial and prayerful contributions! Together, we are helping to build His kingdom. This water project is ordained by God.

We continue to pray unceasingly, that we hear His voice in how best to move forward towards sustainability and the means to trains more pastors like Patrick and Katherine.

Asante Sana (Thank you) and Bwana Asifewe (Praise the Lord)!

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