Ophthalmology Instruments — Purchasing Used Or Brand New?

Ophthalmic instruments of the highest quality are required by the eye surgeons — Accepted! But the question that keeps popping up into the minds of hospital owners is whether they should buy used ophthalmology instruments or outright new ones from the store, for use in surgeries? One thing is for sure — these instruments are key to success for these specific medical procedures, the better the instruments; the more successful would be the result. So if you are looking for purchasing ophthalmology equipment, our advice would be to stick to the advice of knowledgeable technicians that understand the knowhow of the old and new equipments, along with the advantages and disadvantages of using them. This article will help you understand some basic facts.

Used ophthalmology instruments?

There are many companies that literally fail to realize the value that used instruments hold. These equipments work same as brand new ophthalmic instruments, but the benefit is that they come at lower cost. Sadly, there is some stigma attached with “used” products which makes the option less popular. Although it may sound unfortunate but few of the used ophthalmic products are often the same as the brand new one. The machines will still provide the patients with medical care that they need with the same efficiency. But the biggest question, Is it safe for the patient? Is it safe for the eye? Indeed, is it safe for the career of the surgeon? It all depends on the quality of equipment in question.

First and foremost, ophthalmology is one of the most intricate practices of medicine. When it comes to surgical tools, the USP is cleanliness, sterility and the detailing of the shape of the equipment. Suffice to say, the gear that is being used to perform any surgical procedure in the eye will be relatively smaller compared to the tools used in any other surgical process. After all, the eye has many tiny and complex portions that need to be treated carefully. Only those used instruments are good for uses that have nothing to do with the surgery, like the sterilization trays and eye testing machines. However, surgical tools which include wire lid speculum, jewelers forceps, jeweler forceps, dressing forceps, bayonet forceps and tying forceps have to be and should be purchased new only. Such is the nature of the very medical procedure being executed here.

If you are a good practitioner, you must be aware of various properties like elasticity, tensile strength, the characteristics of the equipments that can help in tying, the handling capacity of the equipment and also its propensity. The sterile liquids should never be kept at the basin. These characteristics only work best when you have new equipment at your disposal; used equipment tends to lose their properties.

In the end, it is very important to conclude that buying used equipment may sound feasible but it is not the right idea and practice. A doctor is vowed to someone’s life and such practices will always prove disdainful. You can choose to visit Rumex.net and find out all you need to know about these procedures.

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