Consistency or Why I Run (reason #5)

It is difficult to be consistent. I mean in life this is a daunting task. Being consistent implies so many tough aspects: willing to sacrifice, holding a strong motivation, being able to nurture a dream so to keep it alive, not to be distracted by anything else that comes into picture, etc. All these things are different faces of consistency.

While it is difficult being consistent in life, it is relatively easy to show the same behaviour in running: just be out running three times a week for a year (just simplifying a bit here) and you are demonstrating a good deal of consistency. :)

Amazingly enough even if you don’t possess the same attitude in other parts of your life, people around you will start assuming you are more consistent in everything you do. After all, running is one of the most abused methaphores of life. People will start immediately apply all sorts of parallels on you ability to apply the same degree of consistency in your work, in your ability to manage relationships, and more in general, in any other commitment.

This is clearly wrong, but hey, if everybody wants to consider me better than I really am… well, you’re welcome! :)

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