Don’t Take It Too Seriously

It may well be the most important task of your day. It is part of who you are. It defines your mind and it shapes your body.

Even if what I just wrote is true, just take it easy. Don’t take it too seriously.

If you are in my same condition you are 40ish, you started running regularly just few years ago. You don’t have a clue of what running technique means. In your best training days you go as fast as 05:00/km.

So, just don’t stop but don’t take it too seriously either! Spend more time exercising to protect your joints. It is not a tragedy if you miss a workout. Don’t worry if you are not going as fast as you would.

Just smile, and enjoy the beauty of each run. They are part of your life! No matter your pace, no matter your performance, you’re gorgeous! ☺

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