I Still Remember How To Run

I was listening to my favourite radio one day of this late summer when I heard a famous DJ starting his program by sharing with his audience how scary is going back to work: will I remember how to do it? Will I still be able to do it as smoothly as before?

I got this very same feeling this morning about my run. I couldn’t run in the past five days (yes, only five days but it seemed like ages). I started for the first 10 km at a very slow pace. At first I was unsure if I could do even an easy run. Well, I did it: I’ve run for 14 km (8.7 miles). In the last four I’ve been quite fast: for my standard, obviously.

I was happy. Not the same feeling shared by my wife as it happened I enjoyed to much running and I forgot we had something to do together. It totally slipped my mind.

Now my legs are protesting a little bit. My back is hurting (this is a new entry, maybe just a sign I’m getting older). I hope I’ll be fine by tomorrow morning because I’d like to run in a race organized by Emergency to collect some momey for their hospitals in war zones. It’s not a proper race, actually just an excuse to run together for something meaningful outside me.

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