Rest Is Part Of The Training And Other Random Thoughts

Maybe this week I’m too much in the “rest” part of the training! Usually after a race I tend to relax a bit. I am full of emotions and I can go on for some days in this ecstatic mood so I don’t need to get my dose of endorphins. The funny thing is I had no race recently but I must have approached the yearly medical visit as a proper race!

Random Thought #1. One of those false myth of running is that it is a cheap sport.: just a pair of shoes, a pair of shorts and a t-hirt
… well maybe if you leave in a warm place throughout the year this could be enough! If this is not the case it is likely you have got several layers of technical clothes you should consider. Then you have to replace your shoes approx every 500 to 700 km (which is 310 to 435 miles) based on your weight, your running technique, your usual paths etc. Then you have to pay for the races and if it is not close to home, which i often the case, you have to pay for the travel & accomodation too (I’m currently following Varun KV who wants to run marathons across the States, it must be tough even from a financial point of view). And yes, injuries and medical checks are part of this game, they both have a huge impact on your wallet too.

Random Thought #2. Why oh Why on earth is considered a pretty standard behaviour to bring your dog out in the early morning with any weather condition but if you go out running at the same time of the day, under the same weather then you are suddenly considered somewhat crazy?

Random Thought #3. Now that I’m thinking about dogs… dear dog owners when I’m in the park and your dog barks and comes quickly towards me, would you mind contemplate saying something dfferent from: “Oh don’t worry he won’t do any harm, he’s a good boy!”. Maybe an imperative “Stop it!” or “Come back here” would be far greatly appreciated. Dear dog owner, it may sounds counterintuitive, but try it at least once in your life. You will hear two soothing words you’ve never heard from a runner: “Thank you!”

Final Thought: Bad idea to shape a post like this! So I burned in one shot several good ideas for new posts. Never again!

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