Running and Writing

Running and writing are just two faces of the same coin! It’s just easier to write about anything if I have hit the road in the same day. Last time I run was Sunday* so I’m struggling even to write these few words **.

As it happens to many runners I’ve got brilliant thoughts while I run. And yet half of them seems to me not so brilliant anymore when I’m still doing my shower at the end of the workout. Another 25% is pure non-sense which I mistakenly considered something good just because of the endorphins and the other 25% find his way to the blog***.

Now I’ve just run out of my stockpile of incredibly brilliant thoughts I’ve collected during the 103 km (64 miles) I’ve happily ran this month. Let’s go to bed, maybe tomorrow I’ll hit the road again!

* I should’ve had my workout this morning but apparently the bed was far too convincing and I switched the alarm clock off.

** By the way, even when I’m not struggling, I don’t write too much. You can read almost all of my posts in just one minute. Maybe I should rebrand this blog in “(Almost) One Minute Post”

*** “The other 25%” could be another reasonable name for this blog.

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