Uneaseness: Out of Your Comfort Zone in 3 Steps

Running can be a way of testing your limits. It can be meant as a way of leaving your comfort zone: the sofa and a cozy evening in front of a telly, for example. A tangible and friendly comfort zone, indeed.

Now, three easy steps to move out of your comfort zone anybody can do with no specific training.

  1. Wake up really early. What early means is up to you. For me is 5.45 AM.
  2. Reach the most beautiful park near your home. (This does not sound a really tough step, I know, but it is the trigger of the scariest one: the next).
  3. Start running in the dark, in a really big park (far bigger than Central Park in New York) with no street lamp and at the outskirt of a big city.

Congratulation! You just stepped outside your comfort zone. At that hour of the day the park is a desert. There is no other human being and after all you are hapy about that because you are not sure if you want to meet anybody else under these circumstances. That is reasonable because this is not the wiser thing one can do. Runners start they workouts in the park around 07.00 AM when, even with a cloudy sky, there is enough light to enjoy the park and not so many people to distract you.

Looking back it has been fun and running alone, in the dark, surrounded by trees has been great (and scary :-). Maybe next time I’ll go there at a more reasonable hour of the day! It is ok stepping out of the comfort zone but why you have to do your soumersalts without a safetly net?

What did I learned? When I’m in offical races I always run faster than in my workouts: it’s because of adrenaline and the tension I can feel breething down my neck.

Well, running alone, in the dark, in a big park, can be so uneasy that trigger similar emotions. As a result of that I did my personal record on 15km this morning! Yay! What a beatiful and weird way at the same time to start the weekend! :)

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