10 Email Subject Lines That Drive Sales

Runa Tripathy
Sep 1, 2017 · 3 min read
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Many marketers fret over the body copy of the emails they’re going to send and don’t think enough about email subject lines. It goes without saying that the body copy is important — it would be foolish to claim otherwise — but what good is beautiful content if a buyer never opens the email to see it?

The best way to ensure your email is opened and your content is seen is with a superb subject line — that’s what gets emails read. When crafting one, consider that they can be creative, simple, snappy, direct, informative or any combination thereof.

Effective subject lines come in many forms and variations, but let’s take a look at 10 that have been proven to work for sales reps.

1. Email subject lines should use referrals to connect
Referrals are a powerful tool in the sales arsenal. They allow reps to present themselves as less of a stranger. Use the name of the referral in the subject line to the lead and watch your open and reply rates jump. Consider lines such as “James Mitchell suggested I contact you” or “Megan Grimes gave me your info.” Something that’s short, but shows you’re not a complete stranger — even if you are.

2. “Quick question, [name]”
This line does two things: It stokes the curiosity of the lead while also creating a more personal connection with them. A curious lead is far more likely to open an email than not. Using the lead’s name in the subject also boosts its chances of being read. People like to feel as though they’re being addressed directly.

3. “One more thing”
Again, this is designed to intrigue the lead without giving too much away. Chances are that instead of leaving the contents of your email unknown, they’ll want to find out what you’re talking about.

4. “Can I help you?”
One golden rule of sales is to always be helpful. Using this “help you” email subject line tells the buyer that you’re eager to assist. It works, again, by stoking the recipient’s curiosity. They’ll want to know what you’re offering help with. To find you, they’ll dig into that well-crafted content you created.

5. Use something personal about the buyer
The more personalized your email the better. Craft email subject lines that relate to specific buyers and nobody else. Something that’s just for them. Doing so means pulling more detailed information about the prospect. With that info, you can craft a more engaging subject line.

Asking a lead how a recent baseball game (“How was the game?) or concert (“Did you have fun at the show?”) was will get you more opens and responses than a cold line about marketing.

6. “70 percent of buyers prefer personalized emails”
Use email subject lines that include little tidbits, factoids or statistics. Offering free information that relates to your prospect’s business is a great, quick way to engage with them.

7. “[Name], could your business use [product]?”
This shows that you’re interested in offering solutions to problems that the prospect faces. Keep it relevant, targeted and personal by using the lead’s name.

8. “Let [your company] handle [problem]”
A variation of the previous line, this is more aggressive about targeting a buyer’s potential needs. You’re not asking if you can be of service, you’re telling a lead that they have a problem and your company is the solution.

9. “How [the prospect’s competitor] is winning the race”
Few things appeal to human nature more than learning information about a competitor. If a lead thinks you’re the person to go to for that data, they will jump at the chance to read your emails.

10. “This is a sales email”
Taking the opposite approach can also work because the lead knows exactly what they’re getting. You aren’t disguising your reasons for reaching out. Instead, you’re showing that you’re upfront and honest — which will win you some measure of trust right away.

Do you have any favorite email subject lines? Share them in the comments below!

Originally published at customerthink.com.

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