Addressing you by one of the most respectful titles, offered generally to an elder sister, I start this letter.

I have just got to know about the violent uprising in the hilly regions of North Bengal and the clashes between the common people and your police force. What are the results? Dead people. People who had families, dreams, an entire future. You took their lives. Why?? Because you wanted them to learn Bengali.

We are living in the 21st century, boasting about cultural harmony, humanitarian rights, celebrating each others differences et al. I thought these are the propaganda’s you had put forward when you ascended the cursed throne of Bengal politics in 2011. Its been almost seven years, and with time you forgot your promise of being one of us, being the one with us. Ma-maati-manush? Bullshit. Neither you care for your motherland or for the people working tirelessly to make it prosper. Or else how can you not be moved by innocents getting killed by mindless open fires. You say they were not innocent? Why? Because they wanted a separate land. Have you thought why they want a separate land in the first place? So they can live in peace, preserve their culture which is a heritage of THIS COUNTRY. Because you would not let them continue it, because you want to make them learn a language despite of it not being their mother tongue. At this point I cannot think of you anything other than a dictator imposing bizarre rules on her subjects. Do you think learning Bengali will make them reach the top of the world? Have you ever thought that Bengali is also a native language only and as such is not used anywhere else except for communicating with mostly families. I mean come on, if you would put half as much effort on making the education of English better in West Bengal, the overall output from Bengal would be something noteworthy, it will be definitely called a progressive state. But this shit move of yours, is already and will definitely take the entire society backwards.

I am extremely saddened by the violence and the negative ideas West Bengal is giving out right now. I was born and brought up in this state, and my roots are strong. For a state which has a high culture value in the rest of the country’s mind, this kind of incident definitely leaves a permanent dent in the believes, which we would otherwise proud to represent.

Please have some sense, don’t take the way of violence for solution of all problems, don’t hurt a being, don’t take away their freedom, take my Bengal towards betterment, do things so the entire country could look upto us as the most intelligent state, do things which would make Bengalis like me staying out of Bengal proud and not ashamed of their homeland.


a soul who was highly disturbed by your stupidity.