Taiwan Dialogues — 2

Like every good (?) story, this one started with a random guy walking towards me while saying things in Chinese. Again, I had no idea what he was saying, but he seemed very happy talking about it. And I had the same expression I have whenever I’m in these situations, the one that makes me look like I have a one digit IQ.

Runaway Turk: ? No Chinese. *points at herself* Wo (I)… Yīngwén (English).

Random Guy: *seems to take this news rather hardly* Oh… Really? No Chinese?

RT: Sorry. I hope I will learn.

RG: It’s o-kay. It’s o-kay. English is okay. I will be your assistant.

RT: Oh, assistant? I think I’m okay. Thank you though.

RG: It’s very good. *gives a paper with some graphs on it* Like this. *shows a graph with a not so spectacular incline* You…with an assistant.

RT: Oh, that sounds great but I don’t think I need one.

RG: It’s very important. *shows the graph again with a more serious face, his finger follows the incline slowly*

RT: What do you assist people with?

RG: Like a… life coach.

RT: Sounds very interesting but…

RG: Do you have time? Let’s go to my office. Over there. *starts nudging me in his office’s direction*

Normally, I wouldn’t be able to come up with a lie at that moment and end up hearing all about life coaching, and maybe even get one at the end. Our first resolution together would be teaching me how to say no firmly. But his questions about time made me think of all the time related lies I can come up with, and I said something like,

“Oh I have to have lunch very urgently.”

He wasn’t very happy about me prioritising food rather than an organised and happy life, but we all gotta eat. I promised him I will visit him next time.