Imagine judging the New York Times by the size of its editorial staff

I am really bad in crowds. My wife makes fun of me all the time that one on one you cant get me to stop talking but the minute you throw me in front of people I dont know, I freeze up. To quote Eminem

“ Nowadays everybody wanna talk like they got something to say But nothing comes out when they move their lips Just a bunch of gibberish”

This fear of strangers and crowds has transferred over to my online habits as well. Im the annoying friend on Whatsapp, replying to everything everyone writes. Or endlessly commenting on a friends Facebook post, but when it comes to twitter, I freeze.

I love to read peoples insights into politics. Funny one liners about celebrities (thanks Kanye for the easy fodder lately). Tech news right when it breaks. At the same time I don’t see myself as ever being one of the people that really contributes to these conversations (I guess this post is my first time trying).

Along that note I feel that we need to view twitter as something different. Lets think of it as a short version Huffington Post, or the New York Times with millions of writers. A place where the masses come to consume, learn and be entertained by the few who are actually good at it. I recently read an article how vine (funny how its owned by twitter and was able to figure this out) recently had a redesign focusing on the fact that its very few creators for a large audience of consumers.

To compare Twitter to Facebook is comparing the 100s of kids in your high school talking with their friends to the two class clowns who are comfortable going streaking in front of the whole school. There is a value to both, but you cant compare them. Twitter doesn’t have a creator problem, twitter doesnt have a readership problem, Twitter has an image problem. Twitter needs to shed itself as the social network for everyone and double down on the amazing content it has, the creators creating that content, and that it is not for everyone.

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