COSS.IO January 23rd 2018

COSS update January 23rd.

Dear all.
 Time for yet another COSS update.

First topic today is Dev.
 I am happy to finally be able to introduce our in-house Dev here in Singapore. First out is Mong Suan Yee. Our new Engineering Director in the IT department.

More about Mong Suan Yee: 
 Yee is from Malaysia but took her education at the University of Southampton in the UK where she got her PhD and BEng(First Class in B.eng). Where she among other achievements won the Schlumberger Design Prize in Analogue Design Project.


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Curriculum Vitae

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Welcome on-board Mong Suan Yee. We are 100% sure that you will have your days filled here at the COSS HQ in Singapore. We are looking forward to adding your vast experience to the team.

Next up and on-boarding early February is Jayanuwan Ediriwickramasooriya (we call him JAY from now on) Jay is from Sri Lanka and bring onboard a lot of experience to the COSS team and we are looking forward to welcome him in February.

Jay comes onboard with 8+ years of experience in Web designing and developing. Sound experience in Angular js, UX/UI Designing, JQuery, php, DB

Analysing and Optimizing, CSS3, HTML5, Java Script, LINUX, NodeJS

Sound understanding in Web Hosting, Domain, SEO and

Practical exposure to Object Oriented Analysis (OOA) and Web Development Principles, Web Development Life Cycle (WDLC) and


Professional Certification

Higher National Diploma in Information Technology ( HNDIT ) 2006–2008

Higher Education

National Diploma in Computer Programming 2005–2006

National Certificate in Computer Graphic Designer 2005–2006

National Certificate in Computer Hardware 2005–2006

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Web Programming

Web Design



Angular js




Node js


Mongo DB

Adobe Dreamviewer CS5



Adobe Photoshop CS5

PHP 5.3, (Codeigniter)

JQuery Mobile


Adobe Illustrator CS5

JQuery, JavaScript,

JQuery UI

Wamp / Xamp / LAMP /

Adobe Flash CS5



Nginx server

Adobe ColdFusion

Adobe Flash Script 2.0,

Adobe Flash CS5

XCode + PhoneGap

Java (J2SE),

Adobe Photoshop

Microsoft Office


Adobe Illustrator

MS Project

Adobe Flash



Git / SVN

960 Grid Design



Adobe Flex







We have also recently added several people to our compliance team led by our compliance officer Praveena Prabha. Her current role:
 COSS Pte Ltd

Head of Compliance December 2017 — Present

§ Managing a team of 4 Compliance personnel

§ Chief liaison with MAS for application of licenses and regulatory upkeep

§ Establishing compliance framework and manuals from the get go for Global market

§ Overseeing implementation of AML/KYC Screening and Transaction Monitoring systems after appropriate risk assessment of vendors

§ Foraging suitable partnerships with domestic and foreign banks for the introduction of fiat into the eco system

She joined us in December and added a lot of experience to the team. Having worked for companies such as American Express, OCBC Bank, World First and KPMG amongst others. Praveena is a seasoned compliance and client services professional with over 8 years record in various client-servicing roles. Outstanding success in building and maintaining relationships with key internal and external stakeholders. Excellent interpersonal skills towards building relationships on all organizational levels.
 We are sure we are on the right track when it comes to regulations and compliance with Praveena at the helmet of the Compliance Team.

And last but not least and maybe the busiest of them all. Our Operations Analyst and currently also heading the customer service department is Gary Koh Huan Chieh. 
 Having gained most of his customer service experience through leading roles at StarHub in Singapore where some of his responsibility cover:
 Managed StarHub Internet Business Helpdesk in the areas of Service Support for Corp Sales Team, dealing

with Lease Lines, ADSL, ISDN and Dial-up Access Services.

• Manage StarHub Internet — Ministry Of Education — Edumail Helpdesk. Provide second level technical

support to Ministry Of Education helpdesk (IBM/NCS/HP)

• Manage StarBiz Technical Support Team, The 1st ASP Aggregation Portal in Asia

• Manage AT&T 1st level Technical Helpdesk Team (Outsourced Call Centre)

• Involved in Customer Service Task Force to consolidate Contact and Support of StarHub and SCV products

and services for merger related inquiries.

He comes onboard with Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Information Technology and also consider himself as a blockchain and crypto advocate and PC hardware geek. His current task gives him a very busy schedule aiming to catch up and improve the support features here at COSS HQ in Singapore. Currently operating and leading a team of 4 and growing. We are thrilled to have Gary onboard. 
 With Gary’s extensive skills and experience in Business Development, we are sure he will grow into even bigger roles within COSS as we move forward together.

Another important happening for the progress of COSS took place by us opening a Trello Board for volunteer Developers from around the world. The response has been nothing but AMAZING. With currently over 80 highly skilled Developers on the board providing feedback and proposing solutions. Both our UI team and our backend team as well as our newly onboarded in-house IT find this feature very helpful and many tasks/issues has already been solved by the help of these amazing people. Yesterday alone more than 20 topics were covered and the speed of fixing issues is increasing. Although it will take a little bit of time before our in-house Dev is fully up to speed on our current system, we are confident that we are now on the right track towards extensive improvements on the site. We are truly grateful for this assistance from the community, and again it shows the true power of having a solid community. One day, we hope to add several of the skilled volunteers to our official COSS team. The wisdom of the crowd is really powerful. Thank you all.

Other updates for this week is a few incoming ICO’s, listings and trading promo’s. We also now see that some trading promo’s will also start to add other prizes on top of the regular Tokens. One of the upcoming promo’s (Feb/March) will even offer 2 VIP tickets and 3N/4D to the World Cup Final in Moscow to the Top Trader.

We get many queries regarding how the market has moved during the past days and weeks. In my opinion this is similar to what has happened during January every single year in the cryptocurrency market. Most are aware that Chinese are big holders of Crypto and represent a large percentage of the global trading. For all Chinese February is THE biggest festive month of the year with the upcoming Chinese New Year where we will enter the Year of The Dog. Chinese New Year is on February 16th and 17th and this period is considered to be the biggest movement of people in history with hundreds of millions of people traveling to be with their family and to celebrate for a few weeks:
 Most employees in China have at least seven days off work, including three days’ legal holiday, while students take one-month absence from school. The celebration lasts for 15 days from the 1st to 15th day of the first lunar month, and in folklore it starts even earlier, from the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month.

It is not very off to think that many of these people are crypto holders and wants to cash out to Fiat before this festive season. It has happened every year so far, but a January crash still comes as a surprise to most. Of course, there might be other factors in the market that also plays its role such as big news, regulatory announcements etc. All in all, nothing abnormal and personally I think we will see a great upturn again after this temporary slow period. Crypto is here to stay and the appetite amongst buyers is higher than ever.

Another hot topic in all our channels is of course FIAT trading.

We WILL start FIAT trading in March 2018. This is a step by step solution and first in the process will be USD, EUR and SGD deposits and withdrawals through Credit Cards. With this solution in place we will enable trading with USD, EUR and SGD against BTC and ETH. Withdrawals will work the same way and will be credited back to the same credit card as used for deposits. 
 Once the regulatory frameworks allow us to, we will also open for Bank Deposits and more trading pairs vs FIAT. This step also require that the new trading engine is in place because the current engine won’t be able to handle the massive increase in trading pairs.

This bring us to the next hot topic which is new trading engine. During next week we estimate to have the first architectural overview of the new engine. Once we have that in place we will be able to define a more exact timeline. We will build a state-of-the-art engine which opens up for a lot of new options and volume, and we will 100% ensure that it is all duly tested and waterproof before releasing it. This will really mark the 2.0 of and for sure make us able to permanently remove the BETA stamp from our project. We will get back to you with more specific timelines and details around this once we have more to share.

Other topics:

Although the launch of the new UI wasn’t truly as successful as we hoped for, we are seeing progress and improvements on a daily basis. The teams have really stepped up their efforts and they are also working close with all the “helpers “out there. Speed and performance will also be improved on the current engine by some changes to the architecture. This is an ongoing process and we should be able to notice these changes very soon.

Lastly for this update I would once again wish to thank our community and all our moderators in the various channels for their hard work. We couldn’t do this without you.

Lets make COSS great again 😊 
 All the best from the COSS Team.