COSS.IO update March 19th 2018

Rune Evensen

Dear all.
Its been a while since the last update and for that we apologies. In light of this we have now taken the step to hire a full time in-house community manager from Singapore. He is currently in his notice period and will start with us soon. This will free up some much-needed time for us at the same time as our online community will get more frequent updates and follow up. It is an already known user from our telegram group and a very committed COSS user. Being a Singaporean and residing very near to the office made the decision easy for us. He will be duly introduced once he officially starts.

To follow up on that we continue with some hiring topics. In Mong’s IT department we are also making headway with multiple new staff onboarding very soon. Two vacancies have been formally accepted (frontend and devops engineer) and now only awaiting the formal employment pass approval. One vacancy (backend engineer) has been verbally confirmed just awaiting some current employment tasks to be completed. With this we are still looking to fill 3 more positions in the very near future. In Addition to the above, Mong is also working with local contractors to come in as temp measures while we are waiting for the newly hired to arrive.

So, what is the latest status?

The new KYC features are step one towards the implementation of FIAT trading on COSS.IO and as stated before, FIAT trading cannot start until this is fully implemented. The integration is being done as we speak and this means that once launched ALL New users will have to go through the mandatory KYC process. For our legacy users (existing users) they will still have the option to trade crypto to crypto until further notice. This overlap is necessary because from the start we will only be capable of processing approx. 1000 KYC’s per day. This also means that it will take some days/weeks before we have enough qualified traders to actually generate any FIAT volume.
For the FIAT trading/deposit/withdrawals we are working with multiple vendors but in these cases with so much regulations, due diligence and external factors that are beyond our control it is impossible to set an exact date for the release. The process is ongoing and FIAT trading/deposit/withdrawal WILL come. We are working expeditiously to introduce fiat as quick as possible.

Below we have attached a series of images from the new look and feel of :

A few images from the KYC approval section
A few images from the FIAT section.

UI updates

There has been anticipation on the update of the exchange to version 1.1. This New update is still in the works and moving along. The focus and priority has been on exchange optimization, KYC and Fiat implementation. The Team is constantly working on optimizing the exchange and bug fixes. Some of the recent fixes include:
1) Market History
2) Trading view chart

Find attached video files and screen shots .

There has been anticipation on the update of the exchange to version 1.1. This New update is still in the works and moving long. The focus and priority has been on exchange optimization, KYC and Fiat implementation. The Team is constantly working on optimizing the exchange and bug fixes. Some of the recent fixes include:
1) Market History
2) Trading view chart

New Website and dashboard
Based on positive video feedback from the UI testers the UI team made a list of changes to the Dashboard and website some of the changes include:
Wallet Page
1) Hide small balances option.
2) Show withdrawal fee
3) Alignment
4) Action redesign (withdrawal (pending user confirmation) to pending withdrawal
5) Reducing the number of decimals on FSA
6) For trading promo’s only show the participated trading promos — Rank
7) Re-positioning of different sections
ICO Listing
8) Display ICO ending date
Trading Promo
9) Add Start and ending dates with time zones for trading promo

Screens KYC
— The KYC design is complete. The Process flow and logic for KYC has to be compliant and was designed for that, based on discussion with the compliance team.

Screens for payment gateway
— There are a lot of variables left pending dependent onthe various payment gateway partner(s). The UI team made a suggestion to design mockups to share with potential payment gateway with input from compliance team

Multiple pages now in testing mode and soon be go live. This marks a great milestone for us in the process of the total makeover of COSS.IO
New front page.
New KYC section.
New Dashboard/profile section.

With the integration of new KYC and also with the coming FIAT introduction there are multiple new features needed. These has now been built on the new UI and are being pushed to the testing group these days. Once the testing has been completed these pages will be pushed to live environment on COSS.IO

Registration and login section

For the front page do note that this is not the final version as it will have more images related to being a cryptocurrency exchange. As a quick guide on the look and feel we have added 2 videos for you:

We are still making changes based on feedback on these pages, but they are almost good to go.


From Gary’s desk we are getting updates that we are currently down to approx. 3 days response time for customer service. Our in-house and oversea team are now more or less fully covering Asia and US time zones. We are still aiming to add multiple additional staff to Gary’s team in order to be better covered also during the weekends and other off-hours. Since the front-end and the back-end team are fully occupied with the KYC/FIAT process the integration of a full ticketing support system has taken longer than expected, but we are now targeting to be fully operational with the Freshdesk system by the end of April. In this process we are also building a knowledge base for ease of self-help. This should result in even shorter response time from our support staff.

Other topics:

Over the past few days we have experienced delays in deposits due to new node issues. The nodes have now been re-synced and should work as normal.

We have also experienced a lot of faulty decimal orders especially on the two COSS pairs. The problem has been identified and although during the weekend this was only patched, we will have a short downtime later tonight in order to solve the issue (hopefully) once and for all.

On the more positive notes, we have again been visible in the English Premiere League and this time during the match between Stoke and Everton.
A pictures tells a thousand words they say, and what better way to get exposure than when the clubs themselves tweets for us:

Went out to his 180K followers on twitter and already re-tweeted close to 500 times.

We currently have two ICO’s running on COSS.IO with and
5% added bonus for those that participate through COSS.

We also have two trading promos running with one being our own COSS promo and the recently added LALA World promo.

More exiting ICO’s and trading promos to come on

We also hope to provide more info on the upcoming COSS Summer Party to be held in Singapore on June 9th 2018 in the next medium update. Plans are being finalized as we speak.

That was it from us today, but we aim to be back with more updates shortly.

Best regards

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