Getting bored? It’s time to create your own world!

Getting tired of classes and work? Want to go on an adventure and meet new friends? Save the world from evil on the way? Everything is possible in MMORPG’s.

MMORPG (Massive multiplayer online role-playing games) are famous for their unique storyline and being able to play with other players. Most of the game addicts consider them as their second world and are immersed into the game. The raids on dungeons and hunting monsters with friends make them addictive; you can’t stop playing after starting it.


RuneScape is one of the most famous MMORPG’s out there. It holds the record for highest number of players and it is known for its frequent updates like mini-games, random dungeons, and events.

Almost two hundred million players out there made the RuneScape as their second world. Other than fighting monsters and completing quests RuneScape has other things you can do like smithing and farming. You can raise your own pet, build a home to your liking, you can even own a port or private island. Create your own objectives and move on in the fantasy world of Gielinor.

RuneScape Private Servers

Even though RuneScape was launched on 2001, it held it’s position in the market through continuous updates and by giving players new things to do. However, this became a problem when players did not like the new changes. Sometimes the effort they put in for years will become meaningless after a small change in the world. Therefore, developers started creating private servers that are not in control of real game developers with small changes.

So private servers became famous between players who wanted to keep their world intact from updates and players who wanted a difference from the usual gameplay​. On 2004, developers started creating private servers, which soon became a sensation. In legal terms, RSPS will slide between legal and illegal.

What are they for?

By using RuneScape Private Servers, you can change the gameplay to your style. By using servers that provide high XP (experience) you can level up faster than usual gameplay, there are RSPS which are providing unique features like servers that encourage PKing ( Player Kill), servers which provide better options for raids. So by using RSPS, you can customize your​ world to your liking.

RSPS are also famous for events in which you can get prizes ( some even give away real money) based on your performance. Some servers include clan based wars and battles between castles in the gameplay to make it interesting.

Where to find RSPS?

Finding a secure RuneScape PrivateServer is important if you do not want to lose your game data. Websites like Runelocus are providing a top list of RSPS, which are secure. Servers with a decent amount of users and active community will be a better choice.You can even create your own private server and make them available for players. Find the one that suits your gaming style and start playing.

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