If you are a seasoned gamer, you probably know all about RuneScape, the world’s largest free MMORPG which is developed and published by Jagex. A RuneScape private server is a new side to Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games however because the game is hosted on a new server which is not owned by Jagex but by a private individual and it can be completely modified by the owner. You must however bear in mind that RuneScape private servers cannot be entered with your normal RuneScape account, it is like a separate virtual world entirely. You can decide to make your own private server by following these instructions:

  • Download the required files.

If you don’t have the latest version of Java, you’ll have to acquire that as well as the Java development kit. Once you have these, you can download the RuneScape server and client files which you need to create your server.

  • Configure your server.

This is a little complicated. You will have to compile your server and configure your client before which it is important to make sure that you have forwarded your ports. You can find more detailed articles on how to do this online.

  • Make changes to your server

Your server has to be unique in order for you to gain many new players. If it is simply a copy of an already existing server, potential players will skip over it in favor of more original servers.

Once your server is online, you can submit it to various toplists to spread the word about your private server and improve its ranking by getting your users to vote. Basically, getting your server on a RSPS list is important for advertisement purposes. Hosting a RuneScape server might automatically make you game master but you could decide to confer the title to another player.

If you are not the innovative type and would rather play than create, you can simply join a good RSPS for the same gaming experience but on a smaller and more personalized scale. You can compare RuneScape private servers on well known RSPS community lists and decide on which results will be safe and fun to play.

Worried about the legal ramifications of operating and/or playing RuneScape private servers? There is no danger in playing on a private server. Hosting one is however a bit of a grey area. Some say it violates copyright laws while some say that there is no law against using content of an already existing game on your own private servers.

If you are new to RPGs in general, RuneScape is an excellent game to start with, particularly with an RSPS. It’s a smaller gaming community so there is no danger of becoming overwhelmed. Questing, combating and the world in general is easy to adapt to. RSPS lists will enable you to choose which server to play on and which mini gaming community to become a part of. Just search for RSPS lists online. The first results that appear will most likely be safe to play on.

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