Why a high paying job isn’t everything.

What do you get with a high paying job?

I haven’t had a high paying job. I’ve had jobs that pay the bills and could let me go on vacation every year.

When I had a job most of my money would go to the monthly payments of everything that’s needed to sustain having a job.

I’d be saving and saving to get a few weeks vacation away from home each year.

For a young guy that wasn’t the end goal I wanted in life.

I wanted travels and adventures.

My last job had the benefit of travels included. I loved that job.

In the last year since I got laid off I have travelled more and farther than I ever did. This year I’ve been to Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Germany, The Netherlands, France, England, Spain, Portugal, Australia and USA. I’ve actually been to USA twice. Once in April in Austin and San Francisco and now I’m in L.A.

I get to do the things that I want to do.

Today I met my wonderful Airbnb host Cynthia. She has a brand of Hot Sauce called Brother Bru Bru’s.

She told me an amazing story of Bob Dylan and his inspiration for Mr. Tambourine Man and how that is all connected to this hot sauce.

If you have a chance check out brobrubru.com

If I had a high paying job I wouldn’t be here at this Airbnb and I wouldn’t have met Cynthia and heard the story of Brother Bru Bru’s Hot Sauce.

I appreciate where I am today.