Killing Armored Zombies In Runescape

As we are the best place online to buy Runescape Gold online, we also love to play the game and in the office, one of the mobs that we love is the armored zombies. Today we want to share with you, our strategy for taking these guys down and scoring the loot that they drop.

Killing Armored Zombies In Runescape

Where Are They?

The best place to find armored zombies is the Chaos Temple Dungeon.

How To Kill Them

Killing armored zombies is actually very easy as they have pretty low hp, even when they kind of swarm around you, you should not have too much trouble. But having a way to restore health is, of course, a good idea. As they are undead monsters something like a Salve Amulet is very good to help taking them down.

Is It Worth It?

You can actually get some pretty good stuff when you take these guys down. They always drop bones, like always! But they have some other good drops too. Coins and pure essence are quite common drops. There is a wide range of Grimy Herbs that can be dropped as well these along with things like runes and planks are uncommon drops. A Rune Full Helmet can be dropped, but this is very rare and none of us in the office have managed this, but more power to you if you manage to do so.

We love this enemy, they have such a cool design. This along with how easy they are to kill and the pretty respectable drops they have makes taking them down very worthwhile. So take a break from looking at our Runescape Gold and let us know your thoughts on armored zombies.