What Machine Makes The Most GP Per Hour In Runescape

While the easiest and cheapest way to buy runescape gold is by coming to us. We know that some of you like to make money in the game and that is why today we are looking at the Tier 2 machines (with the max of each one you can have at a time) and seeing what one is going to make you rich!

What Machine Makes The Most GP Per Hour In Runescape

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This is the worst of the machines if you ask us. You can use three machines at once, but the profit you can expect to make for all your work is around 21 thousand GP per hour.


You can use four machines and have them with Divine Charges and Maple Logs, but of course, you have to spend money on these. When all is said and done and you have flipped what you have made you can expect to make at the most 360 thousand GP per day. But while this is not a lot, even low level players can do this.

Partial Potion Producer

3 machines can be used at once and if you have unfinished potions like Lantadymes and Dwarf Weeds, for example, you can use this to cash in. With three machines, you can make 120 potions an hour. Of course, this depends on the potions you are making and their worth at the time. But on a per day basis, you can expect to make over a million.

Plank Maker

You can use two machines to make mahogany planks. Which is very easy and for a day’s work, you can make about 1.2 million per day.


This is the last machine we are looking at and with two machines and the right items being used (dragon longswords and maces for example) you can make some very nice money. You get a lot of things you can use with this machine from bosses and slayer. With the right items, you can easily make over a million per day with two machines running.

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