How Heather won (!)

I know it feels like all news lately is garbage, but I could not be more excited to tell you that Heather won her primary in Pennsylvania last night.

Of course, she’s not letting a little victory slow her down — here’s what she told us:

Knocking on doors was so key to this election. I heard from others that people coming to vote knew who I was because I had knocked on their door and they were excited to vote for me for that reason. I had people from both parties say that they thought it was important to have a new generation on the board and that they supported me, which countered the few people who were loudly stating that I was too young to be doing this.
I graduate on Friday and am going to enjoy that for a few weeks, but the general is November 7, so I’ll begin knocking doors again soon.

This is working!! The more candidates like Heather that we can enable with mentorship, how-tos, and financial support, the more we get amazing young people empowered to listen to and make decisions for their communities.

Are you in? Chip in today if you can.