Notes from the Inbox: “Thanks for what you do while all else is shit”

Welcome to Notes from the Inbox — Heather Ward, school board candidate outside Philadelphia, sent us this note yesterday, and we loved it so much we wanted you to get a chance to read it, too. Have a story of your own? Email us:


Wanted to let you know that with all the shit that’s happening in the country it’s really awesome to have a supportive community of young people who want to run for office and who think it’s good to be young rather than believing we aren’t qualified.

It’s been amazing to be surrounded by people who are excited that I’m young and running because it isn’t something I always get.

You’ve provided access to unbelievable resources and it blows my mind that I can get advice from people who have worked on presidential campaigns. I’ve learned so much from my field mentor and my communications mentor (both of whom I’ve spoken with multiple times — my field mentor is currently helping me plan out my target universe for the general, develop a budget/fundraising goals, and build a timeline for knocking doors) and it’s crazy to me that they’re so willing to help.

Everything you do is so incredibly awesome and wanted to make sure you knew that while the country turns to shit.

— Heather

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