Why America was not always a “melting pot”

Many people in the left attempt to push the agenda that America has always been a nation of immigrants, here is why that is bull s**t. Lets go back all the way to when the Europeans came here to North America to colonize it. We all know this already, the British, French, and Dutch came here before any other countries, of course excluding natives. Now obviously that is not immigration, at least the modern definition of immigration. The Europeans came to North America, without any official countries, because the natives did not form countries, and had zero contact with outside nations.

What about African slaves? The Europeans did go to Africa, pay for slaves, and deliver them to the colonies, via slave boat. I wouldn’t say that is immigration, because of multiple reasons, one of them being that slaves did not want to come to North America. They were forced, by the British, and I wouldn’t say they immigrated here.

So no it has not always been a “melting pot”, but it sure is now! According to Pew Research Center, there are 11 million, undocumented immigrants alone! Now that the left is pushing the idea that the U.S should invite all immigrants, and that absolutely nothing bad could come from immigrants. But in reality, immigrants are bringing their own cultures here, which could be a reason why all of these countries are failing, and their citizens are migrating to the U.S… their cultures.

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