Why Trump JR meeting with a russian lawyer is not concerning

Ok so, lets get this out of the way, what happened? Basically while Trump was still runniung, Trump Jr went off to meet with a lawyer from russia. Yeah? What is so wrong with that? Absolutly zero.

What is the main stream media claiming?

The msn is attemping to some how link this to their other theory “Russia helped and is linked to the Trump campain.” Well yes, he did meet with a lawyer that was russian, but had absolutly no connections to the russian goverment! According to Business Insider, Natalia Veselnitskaya (the involved lawyer) has a few clients, none of them being or linked to the goverment of russia. This seems to be another way the media is trying to push their agenda of Trump being a “xenophobic, transphobic, racist, sexist bigot”

But why? Why would the media want to do this?

Simple, the main stream media is liberal. The vast majority of the msn is infact liberal. This is just adding to the huge bubble that tons of leftists are enclosed in. These leftists then continue to say that people with right wing beliefs are in a bubble. That message coming from the viewers of Msnbc is extremley ironic.

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