Pictured above is the unimpressed Ariadne (the Cretan princess who was good with labyrinths and decentralized finance) and a recently audited stable coin.

Multi-chain limbo and farming as the new trading

Our story begins in frenetic 2021, where apart from massive growth and people buying meme stocks and coins, DeFi has opened the opportunity to be exposed to the rapidly appreciating and highly volatile assets while mainting USD-protected positions. Something that simply wasn't there the previous bull run is here — you can deposit USDT in a decentralized protocol and get incentivized revenue of 30 or 40% APY.

It might be the golden era of DeFi protocols as major players’ smart contracts have been mostly de-risked yet the yeilds are still easily 10x…

We planned for Ariadne to be a cross-chain facilitator (not at start, but at v.3.0), so how do we achieve it and how will the token be used?

So, we want to jump (err, ape) from something into something. LPs to farms, for example, across blockchains. Suppose we heard there’s an excellent yield that incentivized by a L2 provider or some new degen hotness, we want to remove all “boomer liquidity” from an older system and jump to the new one.

To ensure cross-chain operation Ariadne will build an isolated environment for the off-chain oracles (or guardians) where they will…


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