What is this “disadvantage of age” you speak of?
Belain Bauer

Hello B Bauer,

Thank you for reading! :)

The ‘disadvantage of age’ that I speak of, is only confined to the sense that if someone has spent their life a certain way, after a point of time it becomes incredibly difficult if not entirely impossible to change. Old age may not have the same robust flexibility that relatively young people should have. Although to be fair, that is not a rule. There are old people who are far more flexible than the young and vice versa. My point was merely illustrative to make an attempt to understand the possible reasons behind some people’s resistance to change and alternative view points. It, by no means, is a generalization against old people or the idea of age in general. It was just an illustration.

As for the ‘condescension’ part, I don’t disagree with your reading, except that what came across as condescension to you was an expression of helpless anger on my part. It may or may not be justified, and I am the first person to admit that there are no moral absolutes. People on either side of the fence can be wrong. But, sometimes, within the scope of your worldview, you perceive things that are wrong and idiotic, at least to you. You feel helpless, get angry. I do too. Both rightly and wrongly. Because I am human, with my own limitations. And the point of para 5 or the whole piece for that matter is a reminder to myself as much as to anyone else is to try to be kind, considerate and empathetic at all times. We may not be successful all the time…but trying is kind of the whole point.

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