I found when I was on strong meds for my back injury the stories my mind was exploring made…
Georgia Mrkvicka Westphal

Hello Georgia,

It has always been my belief that we all have that natural part buried within us, the ‘other’ us, which probably might explain why perfectly sane, previously good people so easily turn violent in mobs. And the same holds true for people turning to virtual violence (harassment, trolling and so on) with a disturbing ease once accorded with the anonymity of the internet. The ‘other us’ is right there, waiting for an excuse or convenience or a moment of weakness.

The think what sets us apart is the choices that we make when we are confronted by this ‘other us’. Whether we give in or whether we triumph over it, one way or the other, is what defines us. But then again, the definition of ‘giving in’ and ‘triumphing’ is so subjective, so personal, so circumstantial, that what maybe triumph for one, may be the very idea of giving in for another.

Human existence is messy, which is perhaps why the tribe of us writers keeps growing! :)

Thank you so much for reading! :)

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