How Mitt Romney Can Save the Senate for the GOP

Governor Romney,

I’m sure you’ve seen all this absolutely terrible polling for Donald Trump. In swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Hampshire, he’s not only doing very poorly; he’s also pulling down the numbers of Republican Senate candidates.

Take New Hampshire. Trump is down 15 points to Clinton. He used to be tied with her, but now he’s sinking. And he might be taking down Kelly Ayotte with him. She’s now down 10 points against Democratic challenger Maggie Hassan. Ayotte had been clinging to maybe a slight lead earlier this year, but, with the floor falling out underneath Trump, she’s now started to tumble.

New Hampshire Republicans don’t care much for Trump; he only has about 63% of the Republican vote. Some are defecting to Clinton or Johnson/Weld. Some of those voters might split their tickets and still vote for Ayotte, but Hassan has made some inroads among New Hampshire Republicans, perhaps because of Trump’s struggles with the state; 15% of GOPers support Hassan, and about the same percentage back Clinton.

Moreover, there’s a chance that many Granite State voters who usually lean Republican will stay home because they feel so dissatisfied with the options for president. That would be bad across the board.

That’s one of the reasons why you running could be so important: you could give these unhappy voters someone to turn out and pull the lever for. Both Clinton and Trump still have high negatives in New Hampshire (though Clinton’s have fallen some). You could ride into the Granite State as the sane, responsible choice. Voters who might otherwise sit the election out would turn up to their polling places and vote for you — and Kelly Ayotte and various other down-ticket Republicans.

You could help out in other states, too. Many GOP senators are on the bubble; by running, you could help moderate/conservative turnout and do your part to keep them in Congress.

If Hillary Clinton gets a Democratic House and Senate, she’ll have few checks on her power (especially once she packs the courts with extreme leftists). Moderates and conservatives need to have a check on her radicalism. By running for president, you could help strengthen Republicans in Congress. Oh, and by the way, you might also become president, too.

Governor Romney, #ItCanBeDone.

(PS: You need to declare your intentions by August 10 in order to get on the ballot in New Hampshire and Ohio.)