As a truck driver, it’s obvious to see that your whole approach is backwards.

Thank you for the feedback, Trent. I’m afraid you misunderstood the setup here.

We didn’t provide neither the actual fulfilment (it was professionally handled by the carriers) nor did we do matchmaking for consumers (shippers were professional producers and merchants). Customers on both sides loved the concept and everyone wanted it to work. Every time our system provided a right match (on route with spare space and reasonable price) it was like a miracle for both the shipper and the carrier. The only problem was that the percentage of good enough matches was far too low to build a business on. And there is no additional data source to increase the accuracy enough in the short term.

There’s a way to take the concept further though and fulfill all the shipments by introducing freight forwarders with instant pricing t0 the mix. But that’s a completely different business (full on digital brokerage) and requires different skillset than our team had. And there are already a number of great startups doing exactly that.

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