“ Alex’s greatest crime was not investing his millions in the type of doping regimen that Lance…
Alex Schaps

Lance won more championships so I don’t know if we can measure success. But I wasn’t referring to the level of sophistication or potency of PEDs. I was talking about the level of secrecy Lance paid for from those administering over the program (e.g.- Michele Ferrari). Alex got caught for failing a test and then the drug provider sold him out when facing criminal prosecution. Lance had paid for silence but was caught when his teammates confessed. As per the US Anti Doping Agency Reasoned Decision on the Lance Armstrong case:

The evidence in this case also includes banking and accounting records from a Swiss company controlled by Dr. Ferrari reflecting more than one million dollars in payments by Mr. Armstrong,

Alex should have paid a little more for professional discretion instead of literally signing up with a guy like Bosch.

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