Is building from the terminal faster than Android Studio?

Nelson Osacky
Sep 28 · 5 min read

Injected Properties

for (def prop : {
if (prop.key.startsWith('android.injected')) {
buildScan {
if (project.hasProperty("android.injected.invoked.from.ide")) {
tag 'AndroidStudio'
} else {
tag 'Cmd'
// Upgrade from legacy multi-dex to native multi-dex if possible when using with a device
if (dexingType == DexingType.LEGACY_MULTIDEX) {
if (variantScope.getVariantConfiguration().isMultiDexEnabled()
&& variantScope
>= 21) {
dexingType = DexingType.NATIVE_MULTIDEX;

Instant Run

def instantRun = project.getProperties().get("android.optional.compilation")?.contains("INSTANT_DEV")if (instantRun) {  throw new IllegalStateException("Disable Instant Run: Android Studio -> Preferences -> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Instant Run")}

Built-in JDK

JDK Location

Which is faster?

Nelson Osacky

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Android @ SoundCloud in Berlin. Former Square. Lover of chocolate and running.

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