What’s so terrifying about this is that there is no chance in hell that the USA will give up global…
Aloha Spud

“ In a sane world, the USA would use diplomacy and peacefully share power with other global leaders.”

Please, if I may digress. American power was achieved, from hundreds of years of successful, production and acquisition of it.

There is no Utopian “power sharing”. In the real, insane, world, you gain your own power, via war, the formulation of innovative ideas, profitable manufacturing and marketing, ruthless trade and investment, relentless pursuit and procurement of valuable, sustainable, resources, and finally,

drum roll please…

A supreme, defensive and offensive military force with a devastating capability with which, to protect and preserve this; our legacy, from those whom would “share” one iota, of any of it.

You can thank God, that we are the keepers of the light, for what those “sharers”with a jealous, jaundiced eye seek, is darkness.

Within that darkness, within some dank enclave, or perhaps some obscure vantage point from which to covet and plot such dark things, there is a place where bad actors are consumed by their greed, where those whom seek to gain power at any cost, those too lazy, or too much of a coward to make it, or take it, reside.

But usurpers beware, for woe be unto those who eschew American military might, those evil doers who deny our unrivaled, global sovereignty, those who would seek to take it for their own:

For additionally, within this dark place, there also exists, in unparalleled proportions, the folly of such ill-fated desires; the inevitability of their own, assured destruction.



Welcome to the REAL world, kiddies.

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