#TakeAKnee Vs. #BoycottNFL Is Vapid Establishment Wedge Politics
Caitlin Johnstone

“ Just as Trump doesn't actually give a shit about the flag”

And you purport to know his morality, his patriotic proclivities, and his American, Christan, soul?

You judge him?

Not a Christian thing to do, I’ll say that.

What possesses you, to say such horrible, unfounded things about POTUS?

Denigrating people, is not a successful way to have a debate.

We all have opinions, but such unnecessary vitriol, gives your obvious, partisanship away, assuming you weren't willfully, being deceptive.

Perhaps you have been afflicted with the much dreaded, blogger’s miopia.

Step back and look at your presentation, again.

Get well soon.

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