Digital Thailand Big Bang 2017 was located at Muang Thong Challenger since 21–24 September 2017. Luckily that I had chance to visited there since the first day. The exhibition is tend to be surprising to me by the reason that they organise the event in attractive ways by divided by booths with categorise in section. Also, lot of people encourage in this event with high attention to the technology. In this exhibition also provided many of different newly technology included smart city, smart industry, smart farming and smart solution.

After I walked around, I found out that there are three booths that I really interested to it. Firstly, Phuket Smart City by the supported of Ministry of digital economy and society together with DEPA. Phuket Smart City aims to promote industrial development and digital innovations ,and attract digital workers and investors, and software companies from around the world to work and invest in Phuket. The reason I selected this project as my favourite is because I think the civilisation not only can applied in the city — Bangkok but also countryside as well. This project consist of

Smart Safety — CCTV and MARITIME

Smart Environment — IOT environment sensor and smart lighting

Smart Health — smart health care information and services + smart hospital

Smart Governance — city investment model, city data platform, integration smart city management centre

Smart Tourism — Phuket ranks 15th as the world’s leading tourist cities , smart WIFI

Smart Education — Learning community, Educational infrastructure development

Smart Economy — Innovation park Phuket investment info, Roadshow, Fast Track Office

The next one is Seagate which is the global leader in data storage solutions, developing amazing products that enable people and businesses around the world to create, share and preserve their most critical memories and business data. In this booth, they provided the QR code for users to scan and answer the questions about technology in the present. This activity is not also scan QR code and answer the question correctly, but the fun thing of this game is the QR code would be hidden thus we need to seek for it. In eventually, I got 100% in this game and getting free bag from Seagate as well.

Last but not least, TOUCH-ICS is the solution for managing Internet access with the mediator to connect to other systems such as hotel PMS, retail POS, booking system, IPTV system and security system.As I had opportunity to talk with the expertise at the booths, Khun May, she mentioned that TOUCH- ICS divided into two main organisation.

First one is TOUCH-ICS @ CAMPUS is the software solution that provided high quality of internet assess for school’s educators. Not only the wifi provided, but also the mobile application in order to mange real-time announcement of school event, news or activities with data security for both of student and parents. In my opinion, I love the ideas of this application because if I were parent, I would curious that my kids really went to school or not thus I can check with the ‘attendance function’ in the application as well.


“This is a Wireless Internet Management solution in a one smart appliance. It provides the residents and tourists a fast and reliable wireless connection that helps them to easily log-in, connect and perform their online activities. It delivers steady and robust Internet connectivity to areas that fixed or wired facilities cannot reach. It offers an easy to use WiFi network tools for commercial establishments and public administration that allow the management to have an authorized control and access so that they can easily provide their users with high quality Internet connections that becomes a communication channel to residents and visitors.”

This application would give benefit to city people a lots cause it would show all of the information that you should know in daily such as the new and event of city, golds price, price of petrol and governance news.

See you soon!

Runralit Tasuwan #5728640508