An Umbrella for Infrastructure Automation

The infrastructure team at Runtastic needs to cover a lot of different technologies from the basic network and physical servers to operating systems to application and database administration. That plus the fact that we started out as a quite small team forced us to use automation to simply be able to keep up with daily business operations.

We started out with Chef Server (an infrastructure automation tool) five years ago and over time, built up a large number of Chef cookbooks for all our configuration needs. We were (and still are) very proud of what we achieved here, but we have realized that operations, the way we live it, is much more than just server and application configuration. You may know the situation: You have a tool you are familiar with, and no doubt it is very powerful, but it’s actually not the perfect fit for all situations. For quite some time, we looked at Chef as the answer to all the automation problems popping up. The fact is, though, it simply isn’t.

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