At the camp it started to crystallise for me with Hallelujah, which I first heard off the aptly named album ‘Grace’ by Jeff Buckley (although the song was written by another master, Leonard Cohen). Though I’ve sung it literally thousands of times, at the bootcamp, I sang it as I never have before. As I surrendered my critics ear checking for flaws and gave myself over to the song, it was seemingly infused by the grace of the soul of this group of VCs that had woven together over this short but somehow infinite weekend. It almost felt like I was in the audience listening to a stranger’s voice from another dimension and I could feel the gentle surrender in response of each heart in the room as I carried them to the end.
Grace, VC and Surrender
Simon Cant

It was one of many beautiful moments. Thanks for sharing it with us Simon. You have an amazing talent.

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