Runbook #3

Another week, another Runbook … We hope you are enjoying this new reading as much as we enjoy writing it!
This time we will get back to basics, with Athen’s marathon, a run through Hyde Park, and some fun facts on… Forrest Gump.


When: November 13, 2016

Who does not know about the origin of the so called Marathon ?

Quick reminder if you don’t: this name comes from the story of a messenger who delivered the good news of Greece’s victory in the Battle of Marathon by running all the way from Marathon to Athen. He eventually collapsed and died upon arrival in Athens, but left this name to this mythical distance.

If you want to feel like the first marathon runner on earth (…among 15 000 other runners, but that’s a detail), then head to Greece for Athens classic Marathon!

Learn more at


We will stick to basics and talk about a place where any runner going to New York City will head for a jogg: Central Park.

Once the playground of early marathoners who would organize their own race in the park during years before heading out to the city for the first time in 1976 following Fred Lebow, Central Park is now the main running spot for new-yorkers, from sunday joggers to celebrities.

I actually think that besides running there, just sitting on a bench and watch people walk and run by must be a great experience! How many grandmas running faster than 30-something businessmen will you spot? How many people struggling with their last mile but not giving up?

If you are looking for routes to run in Central Park, this article might help. A last tip: for hill workouts, Harlem Hills on the north side of Central Park can be repeated on a 1.43-mile loop. Let’s try this!


Our pic of the week comes from @THESPEEDPROJECT , an incredible speed relay race of 344 miles (LA to Vegas!)

Bec Gentry’s Team crossed the line in 36:20:25, with an average pace of 6:20 per mile, how crazy is that?

They knocked off the course record of last year by 35 minutes. It leaves us speechless.


Forrest Gump (

1169 is the number of days the fictional character Forrest Gump runs in the film, or as he put it, 3 years, 2 months, 14 days, 16 hours.

That would actually represent 16 miles per day, and about 19 000 miles in total.

And now you might be wondering: is it possible in real life? We will get to know soon, as Jim Plunkett-Cole is planning to go through the same journey as Forrest, starting October 1st.

Learn more here or in his official facebook page

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