By Runyu Xia

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The reason why a website doesn’t stand out because it’s not unique.
The reason why a website isn’t unique because it doesn’t have a personality.

A website’s personality is a key factor that can reflect the brand identity, enhance the uniqueness and enables the users to remember it. There is no right or wrong about the personality. It’s all about uniqueness. As long as your website’s personality shines and appeals to your target users. …

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Image by slightly_different from Pixabay

It’s an indisputable fact that most people don’t like filling out forms.


Because filling out forms is like taking exams, making users feel nervous and anxious. If users don’t receive positive feedback after spending time filling out a form, they would even feel antipathy against it.

However, it’s crucial to collect user’s data on interactive systems for business. Sign up is an indispensable step of the entire user flow for new users. …

by Runyu Xia

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Buttons, as one of the most critical components of UI/UX, are broadly used in different platforms. They have the power of impacting user action and experience. If the buttons are not designed reasonably, it would cause misunderstanding and barriers to the user flow. The platform may even lose users due to the failures of achieving their purposes. Our goal is guiding the users to complete the actions and certain aims that we expect in the interactive system. It’s time to talk about how to design your buttons to lead your users!

Tip: Use tools like Bit (GitHub) to build your design system with reusable components. It will help your team collaborate over your real code, reuse and sync components across apps, and keep your UI consistent.


Runyu Xia

I’m a designer, experienced in motion graphics, 2D & 3D animation, graphic design, web design and UI/UX. Website: ✏️www.runyuxia.com🖋

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