By Runyu Xia

The reason why a website doesn’t stand out because it’s not unique.
The reason why a website isn’t unique because it doesn’t have a personality.

A website’s personality is a key factor that can reflect the brand identity, enhance the uniqueness and enables the users to remember it. There is no right or wrong about the personality. It’s all about uniqueness. As long as your website’s personality shines and appeals to your target users. They’ll be interested in who you are and what you do as a business. Then you’re the winner of the competition. For instance…

Tips that would make your signup forms, a little more enjoyable

Image by slightly_different from Pixabay

It’s an indisputable fact that most people don’t like filling out forms.


Because filling out forms is like taking exams, making users feel nervous and anxious. If users don’t receive positive feedback after spending time filling out a form, they would even feel antipathy against it.

However, it’s crucial to collect user’s data on interactive systems for business. Sign up is an indispensable step of the entire user flow for new users. As a first part of getting started on an interactive system, we need to make sure it’s user-friendly. If users have troubles in any step, it would…

If the user interface is the paths between users and interactive systems, then the buttons are the signs to lead the users.

by Runyu Xia

Buttons, as one of the most critical components of UI/UX, are broadly used in different platforms. They have the power of impacting user action and experience. If the buttons are not designed reasonably, it would cause misunderstanding and barriers to the user flow. The platform may even lose users due to the failures of achieving their purposes. Our goal is guiding the users to complete the actions and certain aims that we expect in the interactive system. It’s time to talk about how to design your buttons to lead your users!

Tip: Use tools like Bit (GitHub)…

On a morning, you received a creative request for designing a website. You imagined that you can come up with a bunch of stellar ideas and impress your boss. You were so excited and couldn’t wait to get started. You’ve racked your brain for 3 hours but got nothing. You opened up the browser and have spent another 3 hours on looking for inspirations but still have no clue at all. Does the similar story happen to you? When you try to do web design but don’t know how to start?

If you have this trouble, you’ll find the answer…

by Runyu Xia

In the kingdom of the app, content is the king. Readability is the guide to the king’s castle.

In this era of information explosion, there is countless information on apps every day. Users always open an app with their own specific goals, such as reading the feed, looking for a song, shopping, and checking new messages. But there is too much information on a tiny mobile screen (compare to other devices, it’s small) and it takes a lot of time for users to review them all. If the readability of an app is dreadful, the users would…

by Runyu Xia

What are the most important typography terms?

Readability and personality.
Typography is to convey correct information to the audience effectively. To achieve this purpose, readability plays an essential role.
Readability refers to multiple aspects, including font size, font type, font weight, font color, leading and tracking. The key factor to improve readability is building clear hierarchy, which means creating strong contrast. In general, we make the most important information stand out most. For example, if we need to make the title stand out, we can make the contrast stronger by reinforcing the title or weakening the rest part visually (See image01). A lack of hierarchy…

by Runyu Xia

When you upload your project to Behance or your personal website, how to make your work popular? Showing a project is like selling a product, stunning packaging is essential. To package your project, long image is visually more coherent and narrative, which is easier for the audience to understand the content of work quickly if the project is like a story since people love stories. If you have completed outstanding work, it’s better to package it and bring it to new heights, right? Here are 3 principles including 9 tips to achieve this.

Principle 1: Attraction

Tip 1: An appealing…

by Runyu Xia

Motion graphics are utilized in explainer videos, branding packages, title sequences, UI / UX and other mediums. It combines with graphic and animation, including text, infographics or voice-over if necessary, to describe a relatively complex concept in a concise and interesting way.

Transition is broadly used to make the storytelling fluent and natural. It helps the audience to receive the information immediately and understand the core concept in it, not only making the visuals with highly ornamental and fascinating but also enhancing the connection between the scenes and improving the fluency of the narrative. Without transitions, the…

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