Experiences with Airports

I had a lot of travel in the year 2021. Every time I wanted to get back from the ATL to my home, I took a long time to find the place allowing Uber or Taxi, and also a long period of time waiting for them to arrive. I faced the same condition also in BWI and LAX. Thus, I want to have interviews on this topic to see if this is a common difficulty and to find any possible improvements.


I decided to interview a college student at the University of Leeds, a college student at the University of Southern California, and a businesswoman in North Carolina. I found them by posting a note on my Wechat. Two of them were my classmates in elementary school and one is my distant relative. I haven’t talked to them for a while and because they are international students or businesswomen I think they should have experience with airports. The interviews are remotely held through zoom and WeChat. The following are my planned questions.

Have you flighted in recent years?

Where did you go?

Was it in a holiday? Was there crowd?

How did you go to your next destination?

How long did you get on to the vehicle?

How did you feel about the waiting?

Interview Results & Analysis

Interview with a student at the University of Leeds

I met a student at the University of Leeds in the UK. I was amazed to realize that her flight arrived in Manchester and she had to take a bus to arrive in Leeds. Although the bus was scheduled and waited at the airport, she still needed to walk to the parking area carrying her two super heavy suitcases. It would be game-changing to allow the luggage cart to go further.

Interview with a student at the University of Southern California

I met Bob who is a student at the University of Southern California. I was amazed to realize that there were lots of people when he arrived, which was at 7 am and not on holiday. He said he took a long time to find the pickup location in ATL and waited for over 20 minutes. He complained about the could when he was walking and waiting outside, and he mentioned in LAX there are buses taking people from terminals to the pickup location. It would be game-changing if every airport provided this kind of bus.

Interview with my distant cousin

I met Shu who is working in North Carolina now. She used to take a flight because of the characteristic of her work. I was amazed to realize that she thought her experience of waiting for Ubers was exactly positive. She said the waiting zones were clearly labeled, and the waiting time was about the average. I think this is probably because the airport she arrived at does a great job, the DFW. She also prefers to face everything with optimism. For example, she waited for about 15 minutes which she thought is on average, but for me, it would be way too long.

The Empathy Graph

The empath graph


People my age seem more willing to express their bad feelings. They want to have a better experience in the process of getting out of the airport. They didn’t say it was totally awful, but they wanted some improvements. Shu, on the other hand, praised her experience, but probably because I did not point to the problem she faced. I will have some revisions on my questions and probably interview more people.




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