RUON — R (are), U (you) ON(on)?

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RUON — R (are), U (you) ON(on)?


A highly sophisticated social media, chat, business and banking application for millennials, the cryptocurrency generation, and the world’s unbanked. The first electronic currency in space — Launched at World Crypto Con — Las Vegas — 31st October 2018.

LOS ANGELES, October 31st, 2018 — RUON AI, officially launched at World Crypto Con in Las Vegas, is an exceptionally innovative social media business and chat app built on SovereignSky’s space-based BEOS blockchain. SovereignSky will be a near indestructible, self-powering, iMesh satellite network, and global financial system powering a “Free World Currency,” designed to redistribute the world’s wealth to provide and protect our children, save and preserve our wildlife, and aim to eradicate global poverty by 2032.

A rolling private sale, launched in August 2018, has so far been extremely popular raising $1.7 million USD, capturing the imagination of purchasers wanting to buy ‘the new social media space-based currency’ concept.

The visionaries and co-founders behind RUON are sci-fi writer/co-director Timothy E. Burke, exec. producer on Liongate’s new Jessica Alba and Gary Oldman project together with ‘The Godfather of Blockchain,” Stan Larimer. Larimer is CEO of Cryptonomics and a managing director at Bitshares and BEOS. 85% of all blockchain traffic is touched with the Larimer name.

Developing a new electronic currency isn’t rocket science but it does help if you are familiar with the territory. Larimer, who is a former NASA rocket scientist, helped design and build cruise missiles and drones for the U.S. military. Larimer is also the father of Daniel Larimer, the creator of EOS.

RUON — as in, R (are), U (you) ON (on) — is a blockchain based mobile app that could very well become the next generation social media, business, banking and humanitarian sensation. The company has already been quoted as “one of the greatest uses of blockchain technology so far.” — Crypto-Universe

Taking inspiration from Instagram, Facebook, WeChat and Bitcoin, it’s quite possible that RUON could achieve its goal of being one of the most popular companies and greatest humanitarian concepts of the next decade….and it has until 2032 to succeed on its mission.

Indeed, the concept is so innovative, it has taken some of the most brilliant and visionary minds in blockchain technology, aerospace, and even science fiction, all working together, to help achieve RUON’s grand vision.

On 10th December 2018, SpaceQuest, RUON’s satellite developer and strategic partner, launched two of its micro-satellites on Spaceflights’ SSO-A Smallsat Express from Vandberg Airforce Base in the United States. These satellites, launched on Space X’s Falcon 9 are named BRIO and THEA, and were built by SpaceQuest of Virginia, the leading U.S. government-level satellite solution, component, and space data provider with decades of successful flight heritage.

RUON AI will be built on the Sovereign blockchain and will be one, if not, the first ‘blockchain in space’, with no terrestrial jurisdiction. Spearheaded by Stan and its award winning, lead developer; Brandon West the company are already in talks with shipping companies in international waters to test the intra-jurisdictional blockchain technology (not subject to any national jurisdiction) before its launched into space.

Once in space the plan is to create a network of 1,500 cube satellites which will beam RUON & SovereignAid currency globally, reaching even the most remote regions of the planet.

Timothy E. Burke, RUON’s Co-Founder, commented: “The concept is exceptional and offers a platform that will change the way people communicate, do business, and generate revenue.” Instead of the old fashioned way of ‘mining’ tokens, users can earn tokens by posting content or mySTORY video feeds which others, instead of ‘liking’ can now attach RUONs to their favorite posts by family and friends.


Simply put, it is how millennials and the mass market will adopt blockchain technology and electronic currency in an expertly designed AI Artificial Intelligence app that employs the kind of platform they are already highly familiar with.

Stan Larimar commented about RUON’s Humanitarian element linked with, RUON, which is allied with its charitable arm, ‘SovereignAid,’ a venture that promises to educate and empower in equal measure. Timothy E. Burke, stated:

“It is well accepted that for electronic currency and blockchain technology to be widely adopted, it needs to be used by every strata of society — rich and poor, tech-savvy and tech-phobic, male and female, the banked and the unbanked. SovereignAid will simultaneously serve the world’s wealthiest and poorest individuals, providing utility for the former and a lifeline to the latter. Charitable, functional, and spendable, SovereignAid is setting its sights on becoming an alternative world payment system for the $155 trillion in cross border transactions made each year and to help the two billion people worldwide who do not currently have a bank account and more than 1.3 billion live in extreme poverty — on less than $1.25 a day”

Global philanthropic opportunities will be created via a smart-card solution, allowing 97.5% of donations to go directly to those in need.




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RUON AI is a highly sophisticated, next generation Artificial Intelligence social media, chat, banking and entertainment mobile application.