An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

I guess that’s what 30 years of suppressing the labor movement looks like… Here’s a few things that look different in a country where that didn’t happen…

  • There is a mandatory benefit for covering transportation expenses for minimum wage jobs, such that people living father away are not penalized.
  • There is a mandatory benefit for at-work meals for minimum wage jobs, such that workers are not penalized for working in an expensive neighborhood.
  • There are protections in place for people that make working conditions public, such that she would not be penalized for exercising her freedom of speech.

You may not like her, you may be obsessed with her bourbon and prosciutto party, but you don’t get to say that she’s being petulant for denouncing substandard living conditions. You don’t get to set the definition of poverty to match your preconceived image of what struggle is.

Your argument is so doublethink that you don’t even realize that you are reproducing the oppressive discourse that has been suppressing the labor movement for the past 30 years in the US, in the name of supposed “self determination”.

I am very glad that things have worked out for you, but if you cared to look at actual data, you’ll see that you are the exception, and that social mobility in the US is as its worst in a very long time, and the hard fact is that almost no one gets a break like the one you got.

So next time, please don’t assume that your experience is something that could apply to anyone only if they tried.