Daniel Ruoso
1 min readOct 8, 2016


I think the point you’re missing is that no, you’re not getting around to it, because the JavaScript community suffers from a very serious case of NIH syndrome, compounded by a neglect for long term sustainability of software projects.

Don’t get me wrong, every single language in the 20 or so years of web development has gone through the framework phase, where people would experiment with solutions for every one of those problems.

The difference is that every one of those languages very quickly converged into good solutions and then made those good solutions into effective tools to get things done.

Template library is a good example, sure, every language had a phase when the number of template libraries exploded, but that quickly receded and one or two clear winners have become the de facto standard. That is true for Perl, Python and even Ruby.

The JavaScript community, otoh, doesn’t seem to get to the converging part, and developers are not shy about introducing more and more frameworks as if no one would have to maintain that software later.

Maybe I’m getting old, but there’s a difference between being part of a community writing reusable code (I’ve been part of the CPAN community for the past 15 years), and being infatuated with creating and using new frameworks just because you think your library is cooler than the other.