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Rupa Health advisor, Registered Dietitian and Master of Public Health Alex Rothwell Kelly!

At the second Rupa Circle we hosted, expert Alex Rothwell Kelly shed some light on hot topics in nutrition today (keto diet? functional nutrition? food sensitivity?). Get the inside scoop!

So what exactly is functional nutrition?

So a lot of people claim to be nutritionists online… what’s the difference between a nutritionist and a registered dietitian (RD)?

Nuts, soy, gluten, dairy…so many of us have dietary restrictions! How can you tell if you’re sensitive to a particular food?

What are the right and wrong ways to do a diet like Keto or Paleo?

Join an upcoming Rupa Circle to hear more insights from the top experts in functional medicine!

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As you’ve probably seen on Facebook and Instagram, we tried something new and a little wild a few weeks ago! We got together 15 of our closest friends who had never tried acupuncture, and held our first Rupa Circle with our advisor and licensed acupuncturist, Karinn Gallagher. Karinn is head acupuncturist at The Assembly in San Francisco, and founder of Acupop.

In doing this we realized 2 really cool things:

1) Everyone had TONS of interesting questions for Karinn! And we all learned a lot about Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many people were inspired to go see a practitioner.

2) People…

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