Why we built Dayflash…

Rupali Renjen
Jun 2, 2019 · 2 min read

We’re aiming to improve lives at a large scale…

Our VISION is that there are people everywhere whose future can be brighter if we empower them to entertain or inspire the public through photos and short-videos, and form community around their interests.

And we believe that if we don’t step forward to make a difference, that the true potential of public photo sharing may never be met, and it’ll become increasingly more difficult to have a public presence around photos and short-videos.

More specifically, we see…
* A future where users don’t have to pay money (through a business or creator account) to have a public presence around photos.
* A future where a company isn’t using a Home feed algorithm to dictate which followers get to see their posts.
* A future where it’s easier to build community around your interests and make new friends.
* A future where users feel appreciated and valued by a community of people who share their same interests, and therefore empowered to do more of what they love to do.

That’s why, with Dayflash, we’re introducing a free photo and video sharing application and an AI-powered social networking platform that unlocks the full potential of public expression for the next generation of mobile users. We’re empowering the next generation to entertain or inspire others, to be discovered, create new connections, and stay connected.

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