How to maintain your Kitchen like New

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We all know for a fact that our kitchens, especially in Indian households, have got to be the busiest places of all in the entire house. In our fast-paced life, we tend to rush around and thus forget to look after our kitchens. To add up, the trend of modular kitchens can now be prominently seen in the market. Every household ought to have a modular kitchen as it looks elegant, modern and trendy. But aren’t we forgetting something? You guessed it right! Today we will try to cover one of the most important and most asked questions about trying to keep your kitchen like new. We hope these tips will help you maintain your modular kitchen.

Deep Cleaning:
It is safe to get your kitchen cleaned thoroughly sometimes through some cleaning services, as there are some areas in the kitchen where we cannot reach with our bare hands and need the particular cleaning equipment. Deep cleaning not only helps maintain the hygiene in the kitchen, but it also disciplines you to some extent to keep your kitchen space clean and tidy.

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Look after the Walls and Tiles:
Kitchen consists of walls and tiles, which tend to get stained easily when we drop food items or any other things either intentionally or unintentionally. It is suggested to clean your walls and tiles at least once in a week to maintain your kitchen like new. Did you know that if you want to go for cleaners which contain zero chemicals, you can make a solution at home itself by using either baking soda or vinegar (½ cup), add it in water and voila! This solution acts as a disinfectant-cum-cleaner. Use a soft cloth to clean the surface with this spray to get that kitchen of yours shining!

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Consider opening the Windows:
This advice does not limit itself to the kitchen, as any room in the household looks blissful and spacious with the windows open, when some fresh air and natural light make their way into your rooms. While cooking, people are constantly in front of the stove, exposing themselves to a lot of humidity, heat and much more. To relieve them of all these issues, it is better to keep the windows open while cooking or during daytime.

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Efficient use of Papers:
Newspapers or papers in general make a great tool of use in the kitchen. You can place the sheets of papers/newspapers in the cabinets, thus preventing the dust from settling on the surface of the racks or cabinets. This will also make the kitchen look cleaner, especially when a guest opens a cabinet to grab a snack, thus giving a good impression of your kitchen.

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Sink has to be clean:
The sink has seen it all- from dirty utensils to all the stinky smell, and the more this piles up, the lesser appealing your kitchen looks. So, no matter what, always keep your sink and the surrounding area clean. TO start inculcating this suggestion, make it a habit to wash your own utensils after each and every meal so that they do not pile up. If you have help hired to do the same, make sure they arrive early in the morning so your kitchen area looks as good as new in the morning.

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Use Pest Control Sprays or Treatments:
Let’s face it; nobody likes insects wandering around in any part of their house. Once they make home in your kitchen, it becomes very difficult to clean that mess up. What’s more dangerous is the risk they pose to the food cooked at home. TO prevent such hazards, make sure to get pest control done. Another quick solution can be to buy an insecticide or pesticide (such sprays are readily available in the market) and spray from time to time.

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Change the Clothes frequently which using in Kitchen:
It has been observed that every household has the habit of using the same cloth for cleaning the platform and the same cloth for wiping utensils. This leads to spreading of unnecessary infections and is considered very unhygienic. Thus, make sure you change your kitchen cloths every day. A tip here would be to wash your kitchen cloth in warm water in a detergent solution. Also consider using different cloths for wiping utensils and cleaning platforms.

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