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The satellite cities are emerging in India to ease the living of the people. There are many advantages of investment properties in satellite city-scaled mega townships:

Investment in real estate sector offers advantage as it is located close to workplaces as well as supportive civic and social infrastructure. There is advanced urban planning concepts at satellite cities in which these demand drivers are available in every property.

The people, who are tired from the densely developed and populated cities, naturally have a tendency for outward migration. These people automatically invest in areas which provide them the required relief from the hustle and bustle of the city. The satellite cities are placed near to the traditional residential and commercial areas along with independent transport infrastructure. These satellite cities also reduce the transit strain on the parent city.

One of the features of satellite cities is that these are designed according to advanced planned urbanization guidelines. In these cities, the people are not dependent on healthcare facilities, offices and education of the crowded inner city instead all these amenities are provided independently in the new city. The major factors of the satellite cities consist of fully centralized, highly integrated and multi-level security which is provided to the residents. These cities have no loopholes in the safety for the residents and the businesses operating withi

The key elements of a satellite city are the scientific balance between the population and the resources to support them. This enables the developers to provide a sustainable and responsive environment to the residents. All this ensures vastly superior air quality, reduces environmental impact and provides better utilization of resources such as water and electricity.​

Originally published at on March 17, 2015.

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