Rupal have you read about culture shock before?
Povel Vieregg

Hi Povel,

Thank you for taking time out and writing to me. I really appreacite but i now know that it’s not the issue with people here or another country … i have consulted the doctor here and found out that i am not able to make peace with my past issues related with family..i lost my mom at the age of 16 and last year i lost my grandma.. the only two women’s i was close with thought out and I never got a chance to share those empty spaces with anyone.. I have many good friends in and around but still I kept those feeling to me as a result of which i started getting weird and scary dreams and for a long time I ignored it.. so now when i am in a new country where i get a lot of time other then my work, my mind started wandering on the unaccepted issues of my life.. i kept going deep and deep in those thoughts and made hypothetical scenarios in mind that one day everyone will leave me and so to say that people are cheating on me ... I got dragged in the negative world...and in no time my situation was that i kept wiping for hours.. i was ok when my friends were around but as soon as i got alone , all the negativity surrounded me.. i am working on those issues now.. thank you.. take care